Instruments of Praise

“In view of all this, we are making a binding agreement, putting it in writing, and our leaders, our Levites and our priests are affixing their seals to it.”
~Nehemiah 9:38

As we’ve journeyed through the book of Nehemiah together, we’ve experienced victory and achievement. We’ve celebrated with the Israelites as they completed the wall, experienced the conflict as they confronted their enemies, and witnessed their confession of sins and of the faithfulness of God. Now we turn to their covenant. A decision which would turn their lives into instruments of praise. I’ve always been fascinated by music, especially watching experienced musicians play with such ease. One common theme among those I’ve heard is that they always tune their instrument to the correct note. In other words, they adjust their instrument to make a pure sound. I have even witnessed them tuning their instrument in the middle of a performance because the purity of their note slipped. Often when we think of the covenants of the Bible and living a lifestyle of holiness, we think of rules and regulations. What if we began to think of a covenant as a way of tuning our lifestyles of praise?

Our lifestyles are meant to bring praise, glory and honor to God. The Israelites understood this and were called to lead a life that was different. In the new testament, we are challenged to be salt and light to the world, to make a difference. Our lifestyles exhibit God’s grace, love and glory to those around us. Therefore the way in which we live is important. There is a standard by which we are called to live by. The Bible provides the pure tone or the base line for the pitch of our lives.

In Nehemiah ten, the Israelites make several statements of covenant that could be simplified into three statements of affirmation;1. We will live lives holy and acceptable to God (10:28-30). 2. We will rest in the Lord (10:31). 3. We will be generous (10:32-39). For some, these affirmations meant a complete and radical life change. For others, they only meant an adjustment. Think of it this way, sometimes an instrument is so far out of tune it is hitting an entirely different note, while at other times it is just a little bit off and needs only a minor tweak. How is the sound of your life? Does it make music that those around you take notice of and give glory to God? If not, perhaps its time to tune your instrument. Take a moment to pray today and ask God what are the affirmations that you must make to turn your lifestyle into an instrument of praise. Write them down as the Lord reveals them to you. Then each morning look them over as you begin your day. At the end of the day, reread them and reflect over the purity of your sound. How well did your lifestyle stay in tune?

You were designed to live a lifestyle of melodious praise to God.